Danny and Phil O’Donnell are a pair of underachieving cousins who happen to be related to Pete O’Donnell, a crazy off-the-boat Irishman who owns a failing hole-in-the-wall pub on Long Island.

With the bar losing money and heavily in debt, Uncle Pete makes the mistake of going on a drunken rampage and getting thrown in jail right when the banks are preparing to foreclose.

Pete calls on Danny and Phil to run the bar and save the family from financial destitution while he’s locked up. Only problem is that Pete has already alienated most of the clientele, nearly run the bar into the ground and created an almost impossible situation.

The Boys rise to the occasion, instigating a number of hilarious schemes, from turning the pub into a strip club to a high school speakeasy, just to keep it afloat.

LAST CALL is a classic raunchy buddy comedy with a heart of gold. When it comes to saving family, you never know what lengths you might go to…until you absolutely have to!